Digital Literacy

To help Canadians develop the search, authentication and critical thinking skills that are needed in the digital age, MediaSmarts and Facebook Canada have partnered together to develop the Reality Check! program. Over the course of this two-year public awareness and education initiative, we will be developing a series of videos, tip sheets and activities that will give Canadians of all ages the tools they need to verify different kinds of online information and to help them understand why it’s important to double-check before they share information online. Come back often to see what new resources have been added. Learn more.

Reality Check - Authentication and Citizenship

During an election campaign, information and content online about the election can range from reliable, to biased, to entirely misleading. Make sure that you ask the right questions about what you see online, and are well-informed before you vote or share information with friends.

Posted by MediaSmarts on Thursday, May 3, 2018