Combating Hate & Extremism in Canada

Facebook stands firmly against hate. We do not allow hate speech on Facebook because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion, and in some cases may promote real-world violence. We also ban groups that proclaim a hateful and violent mission from having a presence on our apps and we remove content that represents, praises or supports them.

Our recent announcements in Canada include:

  • Designating hate organizations and figures in Canada: In 2019, we designated several Canadian hate organizations and figures including Faith Goldy, Kevin Goudreau, Canadian Nationalist Front, Aryan Strikeforce, Wolves of Odin, and Soldiers of Odin (Canadian Infidels), and banned them from having any further presence on Facebook and Instagram. We also removed affiliate representation for these entities, including linked pages and groups.
  • Launch of Global Network Against Hate: In July 2020, Facebook Canada partnered with the Ontario Tech University’s Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism to launch the Global Network Against Hate. The Global Network Against Hate will work to develop strategies, policies and tools to combat hate and extremism, including examining how it spreads and how to stop it.
  • Refining our policies: As we learn from experts and other partners, we continue to refine the way we implement our policies to keep our community safe:
    • Removing Harmful Stereotypes: We updated our policies to more specifically account for certain kinds of implicit hate speech, such as content depicting blackface, or stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world.
    • Removing Holocaust Denial Content: In October 2020, we announced that we will ban content that denies or distorts the Holocaust on Facebook and direct anyone to credible information off Facebook if they search for terms associated with the Holocaust or its denial. In Canada, we have been working closely with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and the Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants (CJHSD).
    • Updating our Hate Speech Enforcement for Indigenous Peoples: We regularly consult with Indigenous communities in Canada. As a result of our consultations, we added the word “Squaw” as a discriminatory term that violates our hate speech policies.
    • Expanding our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy: In August 2020, we expanded our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy to address organizations and movements that have demonstrated significant risks to public safety but do not meet the rigorous criteria to be designated as a dangerous organization and banned from having any presence on our platform. As a result, we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests, US-based militia organizations and QAnon. As part of these updates in Canada, we removed Radio-Quebec and its founder, Alexis Cossette-Trudel, from our platforms.

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