Civic Engagement Tools

On September 12th, we announced the launch of a suite of civic engagement tools that will be available to Canadians in the lead up to federal election. These tools will encourage voter registration, connect people to information about when and where to vote, and allow them to celebrate with fun ways to share they voted. We believe in the democratic process and we want to help the millions of Canadians that connect on our family of apps and services to find timely and accurate information on when and where they can vote.

Registration and vote reminders will link to the Elections Canada website, where people will be able to find timely and relevant details such as how to register to vote or where their polling station is located. Facebook is providing a link to this information, not supplying the details directly.

Registration Reminder: Registration Reminder is a top-of-feed notification that reminds people to register to vote, but also allows you to encourage your friends to register by sharing a link to registration information. We worked collaboratively with Elections Canada to help drive traffic to their voter registration page.

Election Day Reminder: People will receive this top-of-feed Election Day reminder the night before the election and the day-of the election. When they visit Facebook on Election Day, they'll also be able to click share and a unit will open up for them to create a text post or attach a photo to share with their friends that they voted.

I Voted Stickers: We’ve revealed the winning designs for the ‘I Voted’ Instagram Story sticker, born out if our partnership with OCAD University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). When friends see your story on Election Day, they will be able to tap your “I Voted” sticker to access information on their respective polling station.