Civic Engagement Tools

Partnering with Elections Canada and Apathy is Boring

Voting is the best way for people to make their voices heard and hold our leaders accountable.

We understand that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable Canadians to engage in dialogue about issues they care about and play an important role in providing people with timely information about when and where to vote.

Similar to the last Canadian election, in the lead up to the next federal election, we will launch a suite of civic engagement tools to help people use their voice where it matters the most - by voting.

Voter Information Notification | We want people to have accurate information about voting where they live. It’s an important part of our mission to connect communities and is also a key part of our elections integrity work. To help do this, in the week leading up to a federal election, we’ll show a notification in Facebook News Feed linking through to Election Canada’s website.

Election Day Reminders - Day-Of and Day-Before: People on Facebook will receive a top-of-feed Election Day reminder the night before and day-of the election from which they will be able to click through to Elections Canada to find their respective polling station.

Stories Stickers: We will feature the popular ‘I Voted’ stickers on Instagram Stories designed in 2019 by Canadian students from OCAD and NSCAD that allow people to virtually share that they have voted. Instagram Stickers, available in English and in French, will click-through to the Elections Canada website, connecting people with information from Canada’s election authority. A different selection of Stories Stickers will also be available on Facebook.

Partnership with Apathy is Boring: Similar to the 2019 election, we’ll work with Apathy is Boring to engage creators on our platforms to spark civic conversations and encourage their communities to vote. As part of the partnership, we’ll also develop a Facebook Profile Frame and Instagram AR Effect with a Canadian artist so that people can show their friends and family that they are voting, and encourage others to do the same.